Journal Catallaxy

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  • The factors determining the changes in the cryptocurrencies market (author: Damian Pudło)
  • Determinants of funds absorption from the financial perspective 2007–2013 on the districts level (author: Kamil Pastor)
  • Institutional competitiveness of the OECD countries (author: Elżbieta jakubów)
  • Synchronization of business cycles of selected countries of former Yugoslavia with the euro area (author: Daniel Ravinskij)
  • The crowding out effect due to the introduction of the pension system (autorka: Skorupka Agata)
  • Analysis of determinants of the size of social groups of individuals (autor: Marek Kapera)
  • The impact of the brexit on the Great Britain economy (autor: Robert Prus)
  • Regional support and technologically advanced investments: assessment of the impact of the ‚Program of supporting investments with significant importance for the Polish economy for 2011–2023’ on investors’ decisions (autorzy: Paweł Kasprowicz, Paweł Pietraszko)
  • India in the global development assistance system (autorka: Katarzyna Pałgan)

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